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Search engine marketing (SEM)

When you perform a search online you will often see a few ads at the top of the search results. These are paid ads and are for sale on a per-click bases. Advertising on search engines is often called SEM and the bidding strategy pay-per-click (PPC) is synonymous the way it is often used. We group these terms together and just call it what it is: search advertising. 

Google and Bing use an auction strategy while Facebook uses a more mysterious algorithm which they frequently change. Google is the most competitive and has the largest audience. Facebook is kind of like a wildcard, but for some businesses it can be a huge business driver. 

For everyone else its usually Google Ads that provides the best return. Bing is often an after-thought, but there is potential there and the costs are substantially lower. However Bing (which includes all Microsoft products and Yahoo) has a much smaller audience.  Our experience has shown that ad costs are about 75% lower per click than Google Ads, but the audience size is about a tenth.  So if you pay $1 per click on Google, you might only pay $0.25 on Bing.  However if there are 1000 clicks on Google, there may only be 100 on Bing.

We are certified Google Partners, Bing Partners, and we manage Facebook Ad accounts. We use conversion tracking and we design high converting landing pages for ad campaigns. 

The point of maximum ROI

Your business objectives matter. If you have a fixed capacity than we need to know that. 

Determining the maximum ROI is a science. You need to spend enough on ads to become profitable, but you don’t want to spend so much that all your profits are eaten up. Understanding the true value of your conversions is what we do and we do it well.

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