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Corporate Structure

Established in Edmonton, AB back in 2010, Choice OMG has expanded from Western Canada to a new office in Winnipeg, Manitoba. The Company serves Western Canada and the US Northwest.

Although the company spans a large geographical distance, the teams are small. All locations are interconnected with a digital intercom system and managers converse in real-time throughout the day. With today’s digital tools, any sufficiently competent person can collaborate in real-time.

Jordan Rude is the executive manager located in Edmonton, Alberta. His team is the creative arm of the company.  Staffed with talented graphic designers and a production facility, almost all of the creative work touches Edmonton.

Peter Jaffray is the manager in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Winnipeg is a recent expansion of the company and the Winnipeg team does most of the internet marketing and SEO for Choice including media buys, campaign planning, and competitive strategy development.

Rachelle MacDonald is the lead creative writer. All over Canada, Choice maintains a network of freelance writers who we like to call ‘the idea people.’  Writers are carefully selected and managed to bring out their best work. Their ideas include insanely brilliant campaign themes and written pieces used to entertain, persuade, and generate business effects. In the classic story of David and Goliath, our writers are the “sling” that enable our client’s small businesses to take on the giants.

Our Core Values

Trust, Effect, and Client Success

Our business relies on results. We don’t employ term contracts and every agreement we make or contract we sign has a no-cost cancellation clause. This means that our clients must always choose to keep us and that we never take away their choice to cancel or switch to another agency.

Success is a team effort. We rely on our clients to collaborate with us. To adequately equip the team, we teach, review, and support eachother.  This is done with screen sharing, frequent phone communication, and email narratives paired with reports to help clients understand what is happening. We need clients to provide us with inputs and we teach them how to tune into the signals which might identify opportunities and competitive advantages. Together, we always strive for more success and more ways to best the competition.

The easier it is to be successful in a market, the more competition you will see. That’s why nothing can ever truly be easy. We exploit the smarter ways to achieve success with an eye on the future to get a head start on the next move.


We will influence the world to consume better products at smaller quantities, and thereby reduce the consumer’s environmental footprint by encouraging them to make the right choice the first time. Consume the best products and services, not the most.