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What if you could launch a mobile website for $2K that generates more customers than flyers, radio, and television combined?

That’s what we’re selling. We get your phone ringing.

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Frequently Requested Services

  • Clean up past mistakes and manage Google penalties
  • Maximize SERP real estate
  • Develop your team’s SEO competence
  • Detailed review of successful competitor strategies

Mobile marketing strategy

Your business needs a mobile website. The company you choose matters. We’re old school web developers, but our methods are cutting edge. Your mobile website will not only look good, it will generate business for you. These are the services we provide to do just that:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

We don't pretend to have any magic tricks. Great SEO comes from an excellent customer service strategy that aims to make your website faster, easier, and more useful to your customers/clients/patients.

Display & Search Advertising

We utilize the newest and most effective configurations and conversion based bidding tools. Campaign themes and ads are segmented around highly relevant keywords with custom landing pages. Our Quality Score (QS) and CTR will blow the competition out of the water.

Customer Service and Sales App Integration

Websites can't have a single focus of chasing leads. It needs to provide value and be useful and that means continually improving customer service through your website. What can you do for your customers/clients/patients on your website to make their lives simple?

Our best work

What colleagues say about us

Choice OMG developed an online presence that significantly increased site traffic and allowed continued company growth and expansion. With a hands-on management style, they immediately respond to issues and provide solutions efficiently.

Travis La Fayette

Exec Manager, Firearms Retail

I have let Choice OMG take over my website design and marketing for over 5 years now. We have seen a noticeable difference in our online bookings and new patients who find us on Google. I have shifted to be almost completely ‘hands off’ and Choice just takes care of things month to month. It’s great.

Dr. Taha Jomha

Dentist, General Practice

Choice delivered web and marketing materials as expected and were quick to respond to any issues along the way. The team’s willingness to offer additional services and to understand a new industry gives them a competitive edge.

Terry Mayer

VP Sales, Franchiser (Brand House)

Peter Jaffray and his team at Choice were able to take on the hefty task of building and marketing our Ecommerce vape shop. We expanded from two physical locations to four retail locations and an Ecommerce website. They are responsive, work quickly, and deliver results.


Proprietor, Vape Retail

That's how we roll

Call (204) 500-1955
Mon-Fri 8:30-5:30

As you search for the right SEO experts, we also search for the right projects.  When we find a good fit, we get excited about the results we can deliver.

Our SEO services work really well for certain types of businesses and we are careful to only choose the clients we believe in. It’s important to understand that we must have an initial consultation (free-of-charge) to determine suitability. 

There are no tricks. To be successful online you need to solve someone’s problem. Customers/clients/patients all have wants or needs and the way to rank well in search is to be the the best solution to their problem. We help you get there.